Z-Degree Mississippi

Open Educational Resources
AAS 325African American History to 1865University of Mississippi
AAS 326African American History Since 1865University of Mississippi
AEC 2713Introduction to Food and Resource EconomicsMississippi State University
BAD 2123Principles of MicroeconomicsNortheast Mississippi Community College
BAD 2323Business StatisticsCoahoma Community College
BAD 2323Business StatisticsNortheast Mississippi Community College
BIO 1114Principles of Biology INortheast Mississippi Community College
BIO 1124Principles of Biology IINortheast Mississippi Community College
BIO 2214Environmental ScienceMississippi Gulf Coast Community College
BIO 2214Marine ScienceMississippi Gulf Coast Community College
BOA 2613Business CommunicationsNorthwest Mississippi Community College
CHEM 101Chemical ConceptsUniversity of Mississippi
CHEM 580Molecular Biochemistry IUniversity of Mississippi
EDSP 407SP ED Law and ProceduresUniversity of Mississippi
EN 213Introduction to LiteratureAlcorn State University
ENG 203Introduction to LiteratureDelta State University
ENG 222Survey of World Literature since 1650University of Mississippi
ENG 2223American Literature IPearl River Community College
ENG 2223American Literature INortheast Mississippi Community College
ENG 2233American Literature IINortheast Mississippi Community College
ENGL 0114Beginning English/ReadingItawamba Community College
ENGL 0123Intermediate EnglishMississippi Delta Community College
ENGL 1123Composition IIMississippi Delta Community College
ENGL 2423World Literature IMississippi Delta Community College
FCS 1253Nutrition for Health ProfessionalsNortheast Mississippi Community College
GEO 1113World GeographyNortheast Mississippi Community College
GERM 111Intensive Elementary GermanUniversity of Mississippi
HIS 102History of Civilization IIMississippi University for Women
HIS 1163World Civilizations INortheast Mississippi Community College
HIS 1173World Civilizations IINortheast Mississippi Community College
IE 4613Engineering Statistics IMississippi State University
LLS 1413Improvement of StudyMississippi Gulf Coast Community College
MAT 1313College AlgebraNortheast Mississippi Community College
MCJ 101Survey of Mass CommunicationUniversity of Southern Mississippi
MFL 1213Spanish Level IMississippi Gulf Coast Community College
MFL 1213Elementary Spanish INortheast Mississippi Community College
MFL 1223Elementary Spanish IINortheast Mississippi Community College
MFL 1223Spanish Level IIMississippi Gulf Coast Community College
PHIL 1103Introduction to PhilosophyMississippi State University
PHIL 1113Introduction to LogicMississippi State University
PHIL 1123Introduction to EthicsMississippi State University
PHY 2244Physical Science INortheast Mississippi Community College
PHY 2254Physical Science IINortheast Mississippi Community College
PHYS 211Physics for Science and Engineering IUniversity of Mississippi
PHYS 212Physics for Science and Engineering IIUniversity of Mississippi
PSC 1113American National GovernmentNortheast Mississippi Community College
PSY 101General PsychologyMississippi University for Women
PSY 1513General PsychologyNortheast Mississippi Community College
SOC 2113Introductory SociologyMississippi Gulf Coast Community College
SOC 101Introductory Sociology IUniversity of Mississippi
SOC 2113Intro to SociologyNortheast Mississippi Community College