Z-Degree Mississippi

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Z-Degree Round 1 Results (2016-2017 School Year)

Instructor(s)SchoolCourseTextbook(s) CostStudents EnrolledTotal Savings
Heather AllenUniversity of MississippiSPAN 322: Spanish American Culture & Civilization$14737$5,439.00
LaShay BlansettNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeSPT 1113: Public Speaking$136169$22,984.00
Sue GrayzelUniversity of MississippiHIS 102: Europe & the World Since 1648$600$0
Rachel JohnsonUniversity of MissisisppiWRIT 250: Advanced Composition$9762$6,014.00
Claire KimberlyUniversity of Southern MississippiFAM 453: Families in Later Life$20140$8,040.00
Nicole LeachMississippi State UniversityEPY 3543: Psychology of Adolescence$19949$9,751.00
Rhona Malloy-JusticeUniversity of MississippiTHEA 321: Theatre History I$1480$0
Maureen MeyersUniversity of MississippiANTH 101: Introduction to Anthropology$90124$11,160.00
Mark MillerUniversity of Southern MississippiGHY 101: World Regional Geography$89100$8,900.00
Amy PardoMississippi University for WomenEN 101: English Composition$90108$9,720.00
Paige Sasser & Brittany MooreNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeENG 1113: English Composition$122168$20,496.00
Jason SolingerUniversity of MississippiENG 225: Survey of English Literature into the 18th Century$62232$14,384.00
Donna SpellDelta State UniversityENG 099: Basic Writing Skills$480$0
Leslie StratynerMississippi University for WomenEN 201: Survey of Early English Literature$6225$1,550.00
Michael VeraUniversity of Southern MississippiPhysics 201 & 202$19181$15,471.00
Joe WardUniversity of MississippiHIS 102: Introduction to European History since 1648$320$0
Marc WatkinsUniversity of MississippiWRIT 100/101 & LIBA/WRIT 102$209134$28,006.00
Ross WhitwamMississippi University for WomenBSB 141: Human A&P I and BSB 142: Human A&P II$3210$0
Amanda WilliamsUniversity of Southern MississippiFAM 352: Families and Adolescents$19953$10,547.00
John YarberNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeECO 2113: Macroeconomics$319164$52,316.00


Z-Degree Round 2 Results (2017-2018 School Year)

Instructor(s)SchoolCourseTextbook(s) CostStudents EnrolledTotal Savings
TOTALS18,169 Students$1,977,755 Savings
Trey BagwellUniversity of MississippiWRIT 250: Advanced Composition$84146$12,293
Carlena BenjaminNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeBIO 1534: Survey of Anatomy & Physiology$68193$13,124
Keith BoranUniversity of MississippiWRIT 250: Advanced Composition$84164$13,809
Sheena BoranUniversity of MississippiWRIT 250: Advanced Composition$84142$11,956
Kerry BowersUniversity of MississippiWRIT 250: Advanced Composition$84138$11,620
Will BowlinNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeUnited States History I and II$150522$78,269
John BradfordMississippi Valley State UniversitySO 211: Introduction to Sociology$18060$10,800
Samuel Bruton & Paula SmithkaUniversity of Southern MississippiPHI 151: Introduction to Philosophy$58246$14,239
Anne CaferUniversity of MississippiSOC 101: Introduction to Sociology$86238$20,468
Jason CainUniversity of MississippiIMC 404$189224$42,336
Jamie CantrellUniversity of MississippiENG 223: Survey of American Literature to the Civil War$45232$10,440
Craig CareyUniversity of Southern MississippiENG 370: American Literature$4550$2,250
Andrew DavisUniversity of MississippiWRIT 250: Advanced Composition$840$0
Mark FincherMississippi State UniversityCCL 8113: History & Philosophy of Community College and CCL 8318: Community College Instructional Assessment$12990$11,610
Dan FullerHinds Community College$106480$50,880
Tatiana GlushkoJackson State UniversityEnglish 105$681698$115,484
Dylan GoldenblattUniversity of MississippiGERM 211: Intensive Intermediate German$60300$18,000
Molly Goodson & Morgan TuckerNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeENG 0113: Beginning English$225162$36,450
Shirley GrayUniversity of MississippiWRIT 102: First-year Composition II for Engineers$104276$28,704
Kathi GriffinJackson State UniversityENG 104 & 105: Composition I & II$681698$115,484
Jenni HargettMississippi Delta Community CollegeENGL 1113: Composition I$60210$12,600
Erik HomUniversity of MississippiBIO 336: Genetics$133660$87,780
Andrew JaroszMississippi State UniversityPSY 1013: General Psychology$1772549$451,173
Rachel JohnsonUniversity of MississippiWRIT 250: Advanced Composition$8448$4,042
Jiaxu LiMississippi State UniversityPrincipals of Biochemistry$58350$20,300
Yucheng LiuMississippi State UniversityME 4643$137140$19,180
Karla LylesUniversity of MississippiWRIT 250: Advanced Composition$8480$6,736
Peter MalikAlcorn State UniversityENG 112: Composition II$4796$4512
Rebecca MarchielUniversity of MississippiHIS 106: United State Since 1877$97138$13,386
Claire MischkerUniversity of MississippiWRIT 250: Advanced Composition$8462$5,220
Brittany MooreNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeENG 1123: Composition II$108114$12,312
Allison OlivierAlcorn State UniversityEN 111: Composition I$5372$3,816
Amy PardoMississippi University for WomenEN 203: Early American Literature$16456$9,184
Lalith PereraUniversity of MississippiASTR 101: Descriptive Astronomy$86116$9,976
Jeanine RauchUniversity of MississippiWRIT 250: Advanced Composition$8432$2,694
Emily RiserMississippi Delta Community CollegeENG 1123: Composition II$60210$12,600
Micah RueberMississippi Valley State UniversityHI 202: Modern US History$6068$4,080
Paige SasserNorthwest Mississippi Community CollegeENG 1123: Comp II$108114$12,312
Anne Marie SaundersUniversity of MississippiTHEA 101: Appreciation of Theatre$1331160$154,280
Matthew Shifflett University of MississippiTHEA 201: Appreciation of Theatre$1331160$154,280
Fara ShookUniversity of MississippiWRIT 102: Environment$104276$28,704
Shanna SmithJackson State UniversityEnglish 104 & 105$68193$13,124
Shawna SmithNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeBIO 1534: Survey of Anatomy & Physiology$68193$13,124
Paula SmithkaUniversity of Southern MississippiPHI 151$58246$14,239
Brendan SteffenUniversity of MississippiWRIT 102: Environment$104276$28,704
Morgan TuckerNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeENG 0113$225162$36,450
Ana VelitchkovaUniversity of MississippiSOC 101$86238$20,468
Jonathan WestfallDelta State UniversityPSY 101: Introduction to Psychology$223160$35,680
Sarah Bartlett WilsonUniversity of MississippiWRIT 250: Advanced Composition$8488$7,410
Lixin YuUniversity of MississippiCS 100: Information Technology Proficiency$174338$58,812


Z-Degree Round 3 Projections (2018-2019 School Year)

Instructor(s)SchoolCourseTextbook(s) CostStudents EnrolledTotal Savings
TOTALS12,188 Students$1,574,375 Savings
Adetayo AlabiUniversity of MississippiENG 222$76360$27,385
Alan BarefieldMississippi State UniversityAEC 2713$249175$43,575
Kevin BeachUniversity of MississippiPHYS 211 & 212$242145$35,090
Will BowlinNortheast Mississippi Community CollegePSC 1113$75200$15,000
Michael BrunoMississippi State UniversityPHIL 1103, 1113 & 1123$2092160$450,598
Dianne BunchAlcorn State UniversityEN 213$712300$163,208
Amy BurksNortheast Mississippi Community CollegePHY 2244 & 2254$352500$176,000
Miguel CentellasUniversity of MississippiSOC 101$891400$124,600
Tracy CraddockMississippi Delta Community CollegeENGL 1123$60475$28,500
Roxanna FisherNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeMFL 1213 & 1223$399210$83,790
Stephanie FreeseNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeBIO 1114 & 1124$323500$161,500
Shennette Garret-ScottUniversity of MississippiAAS 325 & 326$271120$32,544
Dylan GoldblattUniversity of MississippiGERM 111$43320$13,811
Javier GomezMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeMFL 1223$20020$4,000
Jenni HargettMississippi Delta Community CollegeENGL 1123$60475$28,500
David HiltonMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeSCO 2113$7535$2,625
Ashley Craig LancasterItawamaba Community CollegeENGL 0114$152300$45,600
Diane LowryUniversity of MississippiEDSP 407$8658$4,988
Andrea MathisNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeMAT 1313$18720$3,740
Chastity MooreNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeFCS 1253$356300$106,800
Stephanie MooreNortheast Mississippi Community CollegePSY 1513$255752$191,760
Valarie MorganMississippi Delta Community CollegeENGL 0123$54279$15,066
Vanessa MurphreeUniversity of Southern MississippiMCJ 101$125150$18,701
Jamie NelmsUniversity of MississippiSOC 101$122420$1,093
Janis PattersonNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeENG 2223 & 2233$65210$13,650
Christy PhillippoffMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeBIO 2214$10324$2,472
Jeremy PittmanCoahoma Community CollegeBAD 2323$129106$13,674
Carin PlattMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeLLS 1413$7528$2,100
Sarah PlattUniversity of MississippiEDSP 407$8658$4,988
Morgan RicksNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeHIS 1163 & 1173$244220$53,680
Emily Smith RiserMississippi Delta Community CollegeENGL 2423$65150$9,750
Gabriel ScalaDelta State UniversityENG 203$104560$58,240
Wendy ScottNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeSOC 2113$295565$166,675
Sunita SharmaMississippi Delta Community CollegeENGL 2423$65150$9,750
Eric SmithNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeGEO 1113$260170$44,200
Denise SoaresUniversity of MississippiEDSP 407$8658$4,988
Lesley StrawdermanMississippi State UniversityIE 4613$264421$111,039
Marjory ThrashPearl River Community CollegeENG 2223$60150$9,000
Jeannie TiceNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeENG 2223 & 2233$65210$13,650
Thomas VelekMississippi University for WomenHIS 102$170125$21,250
John WigintonUniversity of MississippiCHEM 101$243410$99,630
Carrie WigleyNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeBOA 2613$86212$18,232
Angelica WilliamsMississippi State UniversityAEC 2713$249175$43,575
Meagan WoodMississippi University for WomenPSY 101$226214$48,278
John YarberNortheast Mississippi Community CollegeBAD 2323 & BAD 2123$285230$65,550
Yu-Dong ZhouUniversity of MississippiCHEM 580$209100$20,900